International Standards Update Seminar

Alan Scott (of Laicon Inc.) is pleased to announce that he shall be presenting at the “International Standards Update” Seminar, hosted at the Wingate Hotel, West Chester, Ohio on Friday 1st March 2013.

This Seminar has been organized by Kathy Marshalek, of Wright State University, to discuss International Safety Mark requirements, including discussion on CE, UL, CSA & CCC.

Alan Scott shall be presenting on Basic CE Marking Theory, including topics such as:- What is CE? What is the significance of CE? How do we comply? What are EHSR’s? Which standard should I use? How do I compile a Technical File?

Other Presenters include John Liu of F-Squared Laboratories, Sylvia Mohr of the US Mission to the EU and Kimberly Kirkendall of International Resource Development Inc.

Recommended attendees include any US Manufacturers who export to Europe, Chine and/or Canada, including their Design Engineers, Project Engineers, Legal Departments and Technical publication Departments. For further information on this Seminar, please contact Kathy Marshalek at [email protected] or contact Alan Scott directly on 1-407-716-1963 or at[email protected]