EMC Directive

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

The EMC Directive states that most electrical and electronic products made or sold in Europe must:

  • Be so constructed that they do not cause excessive electromagnetic interference and are not duly affected by electromagnetic interference.
  • Carry CE Marking.

If your product is sold in Europe, given away or used in anyway in Europe, it must comply with the Essential Protection Requirements as laid down in the Directive. Ignorance of the legislation is no excuse and a punitive penalty structure is documented.

The requirements under the EMC Directive are:

  • That the product must not interfere with any other product in any way.
  • The product must meet certain standards in that it must not suffer interference from any other product.

Laicon can offer a high level of service to ensure that products comply. On-site testing at your premises saves cost on setting up product and providing any special facilities that the product may require.

If a problem is detected, we can work with your engineers to solve the problem. We are at your service to accomplish fast, cost-effective, certified products that you can affix a CE Mark to with confidence.

For cost-effective certification, the EMC testing service covers all commercial, various military and a number of special purpose standards. We will guide you through the required standards. A list of the standards harmonized to the EMC Directvie can be found on theĀ Europa Website.

If required, Laicon can arrange Notified Body sign off, if this compliance route is chosen.