Low Voltage Directive

The Low Voltage Directive applies only to equipment that meets the below criteria:

  • Only electrical equipment which does not jeopardise the safety of people, domestic animals and property shall be placed onto the European market.
  • Equipment operating at a voltage between 50v and 1000v AC and 75v & 1500v DC should comply.

The Low Voltage Directive requirements are:

  • That the product is electrically safe.
  • The product has been designed and constructed in accordance with the Principal Elements of the Safety Objectives of the Directive.
  • Electrical equipment shall be designed and constructed to ensure that it is safe when connected to the electricity supply, by providing a level of protection against electric shock.
  • The product has been constructed in accordance with accepted good engineering practice and is safe.

Laicon can offer a high level of service to ensure that products comply. On-site testing at your premises saves cost on setting up product and providing any special facilities that the product may require.

If a problem is detected, we can work with your on-site engineers to solve the problem. We are at your service to accomplish fast, cost-effective, certified products that you can affix CE Marking to with confidence.

For cost-effective certification, the EMC testing service covers all commercial, various military and a number of special purpose standards. We will guide you through all the required standards. A list of all standards harmonized to this directive can be found on theĀ Europa Website

If required, LaiconĀ can arrange Competent Body sign off, if this compliance route is chosen.