CE Marking

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), quotes the following:

For the contents of the Declaration of Conformity:-

“Name and address of the person authorised to compile the Technical File, who must be established in the European Community;”

Therefore by definition, companies who do not have an established company or individual within the community will need to appoint someone to keep, hold or compile the Technical File relating to their equipment and machinery.

You can view a list of harmonized standards for the machinery directive on the Europa website.

CE Marking and Machinery Safety Audit Assessment Specialists

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Benefits of working with Laicon Consulting Services Inc

  • By involving Laicon Consulting Services Inc at an early stage, compliance with safety legislation can be planned and implemented as an integral part of any project – CE Marking, machinery safety audits etc.
  • Problems are identified at an early stage in development when compliance can still be designed in to the project.
  • Over compliance can be avoided, which ensures effectiveness and commercial competitiveness.
  • Your engineers have constant access to unlimited free advice and information on relevant legislation and European standards.
  • Any requirement for equipment pre-compliance testing is identified at an early stage and built into the development schedule and budget.
  • The involvement of third parties such as test houses and notified bodies is planned, managed and scheduled, if and when required.
  • Laicon Consulting Services Inc assumes responsibility for assembling documentation such as machinery safety audit reports or the Technical File and issuing the Declaration of Conformity for CE Marking projects.
  • For non-European manufacturers, Laicon Consulting Services Inc will act as the ‘Responsible Person in the Community’ and provide a valuable ‘customer relations’ service by dealing with any directive-related queries from the end user.
  • Additional services such as tailored training and seminars on all of our services, or the production of customized software applications are readily available.